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Integrating Viral Hepatitis into Client Centered Counseling Training Program
Program name: Integrating Viral Hepatitis into Client Centered Counseling Training Program 
Population served: Health professionals involved in the education and/or counseling of clients regarding the prevention, care, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases including the viral hepatitides.
Eligibility: Contact Ms Williams for eligibility requirements.
Region served: National
Funding: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Viral Hepatitis and the National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD)
Program started: 2004
Number of clients:  
Contact: Dana Cropper Williams
1029 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-842-4660
Fax: 202-842-4542
Email: dcropper@ncsddc.org
Website: www.ncsddc.org
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This is a training designed to enhance the counseling skills of disease intervention specialists, HIV counselors, and health educators. This training will foster opportunities to integrate viral hepatitis prevention and control messages into each counseling session. Trainings can be scheduled in any area with a group of 12 to 20 participants. Components of the training include hepatitis C virus transmission and prevention; guidelines for viral hepatitis testing and vaccination; living with chronic viral hepatitis; risk reduction counseling and client centered counseling.

NCSD has also developed an “Enhancing Facilitator’s Skills Training” also available upon request. Contact Ms Williams for further information.

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