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  Programs for Asian Pacific Islander Americans  


Illinois Health Education Consortium

Program name: Illinois Health Education Consortium/AHEC
Population served: Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
Eligibility: API community residents 
Region served: Chicago and metropolitan areas 
Funding: Chicago and Illinois Departments of Public Health, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals 
When did program begin?: October 1997 
Number of clients: Approximately 4,500 
Contact: Virginia Warren, RN, MPH
Project Coordinator
Illinois Health Education Consortium
310 S. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 996-6927
Fax: (312) 996-9723
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The Hepatitis B Catch-Up Project was initiated in October of 1997 to increase hepatitis B vaccination rates among APIA children 18 and under in Chicago and metropolitan areas. Designed as a community-based model for health education and disease prevention, the Project collaborates with 10 local APIA community organizations and 38 Chicago Public Schools having high APIA enrollment to provide information on hepatitis B and promote child vaccination. We also collaborate with 5 medical schools, 2 nursing schools, 9 churches, 12 health care providers, 2 pharmaceutical companies and 4 government agencies to provide culturally sensitive and language appropriate services to the diverse Asian American community.

Project objectives are to: 1) raise public awareness about hepatitis B, 2) prevent hepatitis B through vaccination and knowledge of modes of transmission, and 3) reduce barriers to immunization.

In 2000, along with the above activities, the Hepatitis B Project cooperated with community agencies and the Chicago Department of Public Health to provide free hepatitis B vaccine to 500 APIA adults. In 2001, with funding from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company, the Project is collaborating with Dr. Karen Kim, GI specialist from the University of Chicago Medical Center, to update medical providers serving the APIA community on current HBV diagnostic and treatment recommendations. This fall we are working with 9 Asian community organizations and 11 physicians serving the APIA community, to offer free hepatitis B screening to APIA adults along with HBV education provided in their own language.

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