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Programs for Asian Pacific Islander Americans

Washington State Asian and Pacific Islander Hepatitis B Task Force
Program name: Washington State Asian and Pacific Islander Hepatitis B Task Force 
Population served: Asian and Pacific Islanders
Eligibility: All children 0-18 years old and adults
Region served: State of Washington
Funding: Washington State Department of Health
Program started: 1997
Number of clients: Not yet determined
Contact: Kim Nguyen, API Hepatitis B Program Coordinator
11000 Lake City Way NE, Suite #301
Seattle WA 98125
Phone: (206) 830-5156
Fax: (206) 270-8891
Email: kimn@withinreachwa.org
Website: www.withinreachwa.org/hepb
IAC  is not responsible for content found on other websites.

The Washington State Asian/Pacific Islander (API) Hepatitis B Task Force works to prevent hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, to increase hepatitis B screening and immunization rates, and to reduce complications from HBV infection, through public awareness and education to and with the API community.

A Steering Committee is responsible for the overall direction and work of the Task Force and oversees three working Committees: Community Outreach, Provider, and Teen/Young Adults. The Task Force is supported by the Washington State Department of Health and is a program of WithinReach. It is a network of local, state, and national partners, community based organizations, health care providers, academia, volunteers, and concerned individuals.

Materials available:

1. Asian Pacific Islander Hepatitis B poster: Culturally specific posters that promotes hepatitis B screening. Features a mother and young children from each culture. Size is 12" X 18" Eng/Chinese, Eng/Korean, Eng/Samoan, Eng/Cambodian, Eng/Tagalog, Eng/Laotian. To order please visit: www.hmhbwa.org/forprof/materials/hepb_posters.htm

2. "Can You Tell Which of These Teens has Hepatitis B?" poster: Promotes hepatitis B screening among teens. Size is 11" X 17". To order please visit: www.hmhbwa.org/forprof/materials/requestform.php

3. Bilingual Asian Pacific Islander Hepatitis B posters encouraging screening, vaccination and treatment of hepatitis B are available in Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Laotian and Vietnamese. To order please visit www.hmhbwa.org/forprof/materials/requestform.php

4. “It Could Be You”: Asian-American Teens and Hepatitis B – A 15 minutes educational video/DVD produced by Asian-American teens on hepatitis B and its impact in the API community. To order please call (206) 830-5156

Collaboration with multiple community members, organizations, and public and private partners have been essential to our outreach efforts, especially with our recent screening events.

Limited staffing and resources prevent the Task Force from being able to successfully assess the impact of our strategies and activities. Also, HBV infection data are not readily available by race and ethnicity.

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444 North Capitol Street, NW • Suite 339 • Washington D.C. 20001 • (202) 434-8090