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Family Health Centers of San Diego’s (FHCSD) Viral Hepatitis Education and Integration Project
Program name: Family Health Centers of San Diego’s (FHCSD) Viral Hepatitis Education and Integration Project 
Population served: FHCSD’s Viral Hepatitis Education and Integration Project’s primary objectives are to increase knowledge and change attitudes and practices among San Diego’s men who have sex with men (MSM) and injection drug users (IDUs).
  • Provides viral hepatitis education and referrals to gay, non-gay, identified MSM and bisexual men;
  • Provides viral hepatitis education and referrals to IDUs in San Diego;

In addition, HIV/STD prevention service providers who work with both MSM and IDUs are trained and educated on viral hepatitis infections, prevention and vaccination. During these sessions, a special emphasis is given to issues that affect their clients in regards to viral hepatitis. Information on local resources is also provided during the sessions.

Region served: San Diego, CA
Funding: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Divisions of HIV/STD/and Viral Hepatitis
Program started: September 2003
Number of clients: In the last year, the project has provided viral hepatitis education sessions to 279 members of the MSM and IDU communities and 189 training sessions to providers who serve them.
Contact: Teresa Carrillo
Viral Hepatitis Program Coordinator
Family Health Centers of San Diego
4040 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
Phone: (619) 515-2506
Email: tcarrillo@fhcsd.org
Website: www.fhcsd.org
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FHCSD provides increased knowledge and awareness of viral hepatitis and related services among San Diego’s MSM and IDU communities, as well as to other organization’s HIV/STD prevention personnel. This is done to increase or maintain their knowledge of hepatitis prevention, treatment, and local resources.

Viral hepatitis awareness, education and prevention messages are reinforced through distinct social marketing campaigns developed exclusively for MSM and IDUs. Such campaigns are disseminated in areas and venues frequented by the MSM and the IDU communities.

FHCSD provides hepatitis A and B vaccines at low or no cost, as well as HIV/STD screening and testing through its Tuesday night clinic, which specifically serves the MSM and transgender populations in San Diego.

Safe Point San Diego (SPSD) is a program of FHCSD. It provides education and prevention services to IDUs, as well as their partners. SPSD provides clean syringe exchange in designated areas of San Diego, as well as education and prevention through a harm reduction model. Referrals are also provided for low or no cost hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines, as well as hepatitis C testing and/or other services that the participant might need.

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