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Other hepatitis organizations

Asian Liver Center: http://livercancer.stanford.edu
Offers liver cancer and liver disease education, treatment, surgery and research and Asian community support.

All About Hepatitis C: www.all-about-hepatitisc.com
This website, sponsored by Schering-Plough, is designed to help individuals learn more about hepatitis C, including its causes, transmission, consequences, prevention, and diagnosis and treatment. The website is intended for those who want to learn more about hepatitis C, think they might be at risk, or have been diagnosed with hepatitis C and are wondering about the challenges facing them.

American Liver Foundation (ALF): www.liverfoundation.org
ALF is a national, voluntary nonprofit health agency dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing hepatitis and all liver diseases through research, education, and support groups.

Canadian Harm Reduction Network: www.canadianharmreduction.com
The Canadian Harm Reduction Network is a meeting place for individuals and organizations across Canada dedicated to reducing the social, health, and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies. You can read their publication “Responding to the Epidemic: Recommendations for a Canadian Hepatitis C Strategy” at www.canadianharmreduction.com/readmore/Responding_e.pdf

Canadian Liver Foundation: www.liver.ca
The Canadian Liver Foundation is a resource for all Canadians who want to learn more about liver health and liver disease.

Center Watch, Clinical Trials Listing Service: www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat79.html
For information on clinical trials for hepatitis.

ClinicalTrials.gov: www.clinicaltrials.gov
ClinicalTrials.gov provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers, including a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details.

Hepatitis B Coalition (a program of the Immunization Action Coalition): www.immunize.org
This organization publishes information for health professionals and their patients about hepatitis B and immunization. They have newsletters, an e-mail news service, brochures, fact sheets, videos, and more. For more information, call (651) 647-9009. 

Hepatitis B Foundation (HBF): www.hepb.org
HBF is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating hepatitis B through public education and cure-research programs. The organization provides general information on hepatitis B, as well as information regarding progress in treatment issues.

Hepatitis B Information and Support List
A caring and compassionate e-mail discussion and support group for people who have chronic hepatitis B virus infection. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: hepatitis-b-on@mail-list.com

Hepatitis C Advocacy: www.hepcadvocacy.org
This website provides up-to-date information on hepatitis C, HIV, and HCV/HIV co-infection as it relates to federal and state lobbying efforts and HIV and HCV public policies and funding programs.

Hepatitis C Association: www.hepcassoc.org
The Hepatitis C Association is a non-profit organization focusing on the development of educational programs for the public as well as medical professionals, about hepatitis C virus; promoting organ donation; creating awareness; and offering emotional support to patients and their caregivers. An informational website with news, resources and a message board can be found at www.hepcassoc.org

Hepatitis C Multicultural Outreach: www.hepcmo.org
A Christian organization created to promote awareness and education, provide counseling and referral services nationally and to the Missouri/Kansas community. We give physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families dealing with Hepatitis C and liver disease. As advocates, we position ourselves alongside the patient and their family, helping them to connect with services that will lessen the strain, helping them to make well-informed decisions about their care.

Hepatitis C Society of Canada: www.hepatitiscsociety.com
The Hepatitis C Society of Canada is a national voluntary health organization whose mission is to fight hepatitis C through prevention, early diagnosis, support, appropriate treatment, and comfort. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Hepatitis C Support Project HCV Advocate: www.hcvadvocate.org
This website has information on hepatitis C and B for the general public and offers free information packets. Website includes hepatitis C support group information.

Hep C ALERT: www.hepprograms.org/HepCalert.ppt
This Powerpoint presentation describes a 3-year project by Hep C ALERT to increase and evaluate viral hepatitis screening, vaccination coverage and completion among underserved minority adults in North Miami-Dade County, FL.

Hep C Connection: www.hepc-connection.org
Information to help hepatitis C-challenged individuals and their families.

Hepatitis Foundation International (HFI): www.hepfi.org
HFI focuses on bringing viral hepatitis under control through education programs and materials, informing health professionals, and educating patients and the public about new diagnostic and treatment methods to improve patient care.

Hepatitis Treatment Research and Education Center (HepTREC): www.heptrec.org
Provides hepatitis-related services in the Delaware Valley (PA), but their website includes hepatitis information useful to individuals outside their geographic area.

HIV&Hepatitis.com: www.HIVandHepatitis.com
This online publication provides news and research information about treatment and experimental vaccine options for hepatitis disease and HIV infection.

Latino Organization for Liver Awareness (LOLA): www.lola-national.org
LOLA is a national, bilingual/bicultural voluntary organization dedicated to raising awareness, prevention, education, and treatment referral services to the Latino/American community and other underserved populations who suffer from liver disease in the United States.

Michigan Hepatitis C Foundation: www.mihepc.org
Michigan Hepatitis C Foundation (MHCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing public awareness, current information and emotional support for those living with or affected by Hepatitis C.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project: www.natap.org
News updates and articles about HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

National HCV Prison Coalition: www.hcvinprison.org
The HCV Prison Support Project sends out a free newsletter bimonthly for prisoners to help educate them about hepatitis C and HIV co-infection. They also go into prisons and do hepatitis workshops and have a toll free number for released prisoners needing hepatitis C resources and support.

PKIDS (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases): www.pkids.org
This organization offers information and resources for parents looking for support services, counseling, referrals, and information concerning their children who have infectious diseases.

VA National Hepatitis C Program: www.hepatitis.va.gov
The Veterans Affairs National Hepatitis C Web site provides information about viral hepatitis for health care providers inside and outside the VA system, veterans, and the general public.

Veritas Medicine: www.veritasmedicine.com
For information on HIV, HBV, and HCV clinical trials

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board (VHPB): www.vhpb.org
This independent, international, multi-disciplinary group of experts works to focus attention on the importance of viral hepatitis and on how to prevent it. Fact sheets, reports, articles, and the publication Viral Hepatitis can be accessed from the website.

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