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Street Targeted AIDS & Addiction Reduction, Outreach Community Care Network
Program name: Street Targeted AIDS & Addiction Reduction, Outreach Community Care Network 
Population served: Those affected by or at risk for HIV
Eligibility: Anyone
Region served: Area 12 (Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida)
Funding: SAMHSA, Florida Department of Health, United Way
Program started: 1997
Number of clients: 10,000 contacts, 450 HIV infected
Contact: Dixie L. Morgese or Sheri Bratton
Outreach Community Care Network
111 N. Frederick Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32120-9177
Phone: (386) 255-5569
Fax: (386) 255-5277
Email: Dixie_Morgese@outreachinc.org
Website: http://www.outreachinc.org 
IAC is not responsible for content found on other websites.
Outreach Community Care Network (OCCN) provides testing and counseling for HIV on-site and in the streets and community. We provide counseling about hepatitis A, B, and C as part of our testing and counseling process. We provide HOME ACCESS hepatitis C testing kits and refer for hepatitis A and B immunizations as indicated. Street outreach workers provide Group Level Intervention and Individual Level Intervention for inmates in the local jail and incorporate information about hepatitis prevention, testing and immunization. We case-manage co-infected (HIV and hepatitis C) patients and are discussing a pilot project to case-manage patients only infected with hepatitis C.

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