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Juvenile corrections facilities
School-based programs for adolescents

Stop Hepatitis Mobile Theatre/Viral Hepatitis Education Targeting Youth
Program name: Stop Hepatitis Mobile Theatre/Viral Hepatitis Education Targeting Youth
Population served: Adolescents, juvenile detention youths and adults
Eligibility: No limiting eligibility criteria
Region served: All the hepatitis C coordinators in the country were sent a copy of the DVD. Public libraries are now being targeted. The performances are crossing state lines. The group has performed in NYC for the New England Hepatitis C Coordinator Alliance first annual regional meeting. Other out-of-state performances are being sought.
Funding: CDC
Program started: 2002
Number of clients: 30,000+
Contact: Andrea Lombard
410 Capitol Ave
MS # 11ASV
Hartford, CT 06134
Phone: (860) 509-7900
Email: andrea.lombard@po.state.ct.us
Website: www.dph.state.ct.us
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The Stop Hepatitis Mobile Theatre is an inspirational interactive educational theatre performance that utilizes improvisation to adjust to the audience's learning needs, cultural sensitivities and/or agency guidelines. This public health intervention was developed based on focus groups with youth, school nurses and health educators (in public, private and alternative schools and rehab and detention centers). As noted above, the program has expanded. The program is designed to prevent young people from becoming infected with hepatitis A, B, and C viruses by providing tools and encouraging dialog with adults and peers about safe choices, transmission, prevention and delaying or choosing not to initiate high risk behaviors. The program was produced by the Concerned Citizens for Humanity, Ltd, Interactive Educational Theatre, Rapid Exposure, Inc and the State of CT Department of Public Health. The interactive performance can expand or contract to the audience needs. The average performance is about 40 minutes with time for questions and answers. A typical performance is archived on a DVD that captures the essence of using improvisational theatre as a platform to educate young people about highly complex and sensitive issues. The DVD is intended to extend, NOT replace, the impact of the Stop Hepatitis Mobile Theatre's live performances within and beyond CT's borders. DVDs are being distributed to public and private high school nurses in CT, state public libraries and the national viral hepatitis C coordinators. This program also includes the development of an interactive scratch-off brochure and a bilingual (English and Spanish) award winning Hepatitis Risk Alert Poster. This project is made possible by CDC funding (cooperative agreement #02086 Prevention of Viral Hepatitis Among High Risk Youth Through Integrating Prevention Services into Existing Programs). See: www.dph.state.ct.us (programs/hepatitis)

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